PRODUCT                                                      SIZES                                         

Bedhead Single                                                920L x 1150H x 32D                   

Bedhead King Single                                       1100L x 1150H x 32D       

Bedhead Double                                              1400L x 1150H x 32D       

Bedhead Queen                                               1600L x 1150H x 32D       

Bedhead (Extended)                                         2400L x 550H x 32D         

Bedsides 2Drw                                                 570L x 550H x 426D         

Bedsides 3Drw                                                 570L x 645H x 426D         

Dresser 1210L                                                 1210L x 769H x 426D       

Dresser 1600L                                                 1600L x 769H x 426D       

Dresser Kneehole                                             1648L x 769H x 426D                 

Mirror 885W                                                   to suit 1210L Dresser         

Mirror 985W                                                   to suit 1600L Dresser         

Mirror (Wing)                                                  1200L x 1100H x 28D       

Chest 2/2 or 3Drw high                                   965L x 769H x 426D         

Chest 2/3 or 4Drw high                                   965L x 933H x 426D         

Chest 2/4 or 5Drw high                                   965L x 1217H x 426D       

Lowboy 4Drw                                                  675L x 993H x 426D         

Lingerie Chest 5Drw                                        570L x 1217H x 426D       

Blanket Box                                                     1370L x 445H x 426D                 

Stool (Upholstered)                                          450L x 475H x 350D         

Bedroom Chair (Upholstered)                          550L x 860H x 460D         

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